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Welcome to the site
The site was created with the aim of exhibiting personal graphic, photographic and artistic achievements,
presentation homeland and my other activities and interests.

I invite you to be my guest and I believe that your visit to this site will be pleasant.

Danijel Pedi

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Republic of Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country.
It is connected to Italy by the Adriatic Sea from the west. It is bordered on the north by Slovenia and Hungary. It borders Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east. South of Croatia is the border with Montenegro.
The capital of the Republic of Croatia is Zagreb.
History of Croatia ...
Municipality of Klostar Podravski

Klostar Podravski is a municipal center consisting of 4 settlements: Klostar Podravski, Budancevica, Prugovac and Kozarevac. The settlements belong to Koprivnica-Krizevci County, located in the north of Croatia.
The municipality is located in the Pannonian Plain. A few kilometers to the north is the Drava River, which is also the border with Hungary. On the south side, the settlements of Prugovac and Kozarevac inhabit the edge of the slopes of Bilogora ...
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Semper Fidelis
War testimony on the Croatian Army operation "Una-95"

As a member of the Reconnaissance Company of the 2nd Guards Brigade "Grom", with my 2nd platoon I was at the top of the attack from the direction of Hrvatska Dubica on the enemy territory of Bosanska Dubica.
The attack took place by landing across the Una River with one boat. As a scout-saboteur, I was in the first boat with my comrades-in-arms during the attack on Serb positions on the other side of the river.
We secured the bridgehead and our infantry forces switched with which we launched a further attack.
Due to a poorly planned operation, we were forced to withdraw due to heavy losses on our side after 20 hours of fierce fighting.
The action began on September 18, 1995, to end a day later.
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About the site
The  site was created with the aim of exhibiting personal graphic,  photographic and artistic achievements, presenting the homeland and  other author's activities and interests.
Autor Danijel Pedi
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