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Work space
Mic-graphics was a small business with a maximum of two employees.
The business was focused on small format printing such as photocopying, making business cards, calendars, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, price lists, certificates of appreciation and diplomas, memos, blocks, labels and similar printed material.
In addition to printing, photocopying and printing, we also worked on prepress services for larger printers, graphic design as well as the production of various graphic and photographic content on printed material.
Spiral binding, scanning, plasticizing and finishing of paper up to A4 format were also used.
In the beginning, it was done modestly, only with basic tools such as an ink-jet printer A4, a scanner, a small paper cutter and the like.
A little later, they invested in an A4 color laser printer and got a knife for cutting a larger amount of paper.
The craft operated between 2003 and 2005.
In 2005, the business was closed due to retirement. Accessories

In this section, I present links to Croatian and world websites.
The links are usually personalized, related to my personal interests, although I will do my best to add pages that are useful to all visitors.
I envisioned this part as a kind of catalog of pages.
The links are grouped according to topics ( such as news, interesting facts ...) and according to my current needs or the wishes of the visitors.
Over time, I will add new links or delete existing ones, depending on the importance and popularity that some sites have.
I am also open to your suggestions and you can suggest me your pages or pages that would be interesting to other visitors.
I will review your suggestions and decide whether to include the suggested pages in this catalog.
World links
In this section called “Accessories” I’ll be inserting new topics that will be of interest to visitors.
Visit me in search of something new.
I will do my best to give you tips that I can use or share with you some of my experiences.
I plan to put up useful topics like filling the ink-jet printer with color to save on printing.
I will be happy to teach you the basic work in one of the simpler free graphics programs.
I would also like to write about the history of fine arts.
I look forward to each of your future visits.

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Danijel Pedi

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