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    Kopacki rit National Park is one of the most important European floodplains and a special zoological nature reserve.
It is located in the far east of Croatia, in Baranja, in the central part of the floodplain of the Danube, not far from Osijek.
Kopacki rit Park was named after the town of Kopacevo and translated from Hungarian means "swamp meadow".
    The appearance of the wetland itself depends on the intensity of the flood, so its size and shape change.
Kopacki rit covers 17,700 hectares, or 177 square kilometers.
It consists of several lakes and ponds that are intertwined with natural canals connected by the rivers Drava and Danube. The Danube in Kopacki rit forms its inner delta.
The Drava and the Danube delimit this floodplain and create one of the largest European wetlands, which includes water areas, floodplain forests of white willow and pedunculate oak, reeds and wetland meadows, along with the inevitable white water lily and many other plant species.
The largest lakes are Kopacko Lake and Sakadas.
    Kopacki rit is a habitat of 2300 biological species, many of which are rare and endangered. The wetland part is a hatchery for many species of fish, while many species of mammals live on the mainland. Every year, more than 140 species of birds nest in it, such as the bald eagle, black storks, steppe falcons or large colonies of herons and wild geese. Thus, Kopacki rit is also the most important ornithological reserve in Croatia and this part of Europe and as such is included in the list of ornithologically significant areas - IBA (Important Bird Area).
Therefore, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012 within the Mura - Drava - Danube biosphere.
In 1993, the Ramsar Convention included it in the list of wetlands of international importance.
    The national park provides visitors with the pristine beauty of untouched nature. It is thus protected from human action on its natural form. Natural protection is provided and it is suitable as a habitat for many animal species.
It is a tourist paradise for visitors eager to escape from urban areas.
In any season, Kopacki rit provides a new beautiful image, different from the previous one.
And the surrounding villages are imbued with country architecture, rich history and provide visitors with indigenous culinary content typical of the region of Slavonia and Baranja.

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