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On this page I present my personal views and thoughts.
The topics that I will present are close to my views and experience and will include reflections on history, politics, the Republic of Croatia, religion, art and everything that I shape my opinion on or have experience with the topics covered.
My views are purely personal and I have the right to express them.
I will try to ignore foreign influences that could negatively affect my opinion.
I will also create opinions according to what I think is in line with my beliefs.
Sometimes these views will differ from other people's views.

Danijel Pedi Blog Author Danijel Pedi

Way of the Cross in Seca forest
Commemoration of the suffering of the Croatian people from the communist regime with the prayer of the Way of the Cross on June 22, 2022.
The commemoration began in the Seca forest near Budancevica, near the monument to the victims killed at that place after World War II.
The Way of the Cross ended in the parish church in Klostar Podravski with Holy Mass. Blog Author Danijel Pedi

My Storm 1995
As a member of the reconnaissance company of the 2nd Guards Brigade "Grom", I directly participated in the operation "Storm 95", in which we liberated a large part of the occupied territory of our Republic of Croatia.
In 1991, a third of the territory of Croatia was occupied by the Republic of Serbia, who wanted to establish the so-called Greater Serbia.
In the occupied territories, Serbs carried out ethnic cleansing of Croats and other peoples, with the help of the Yugoslav Army and the Milosevic regime. Blog Author Danijel Pedi

How to pray the rosary
The rosary is a link to the grace of God through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pray to her sincerely and from the heart and you will receive grace. Maybe not in the form you expect and when you want it. Do not underestimate the power of praying the Rosary.
Start with a simple prayer of one ten of one of the mysteries (joyous, sorrowful or glorious). Ten minutes is enough for you, before going to bed, while driving, while walking in nature... But pray in such a way that you are aware that Our Lady is next to you and that she hears you.

About the site
The  site was created with the aim of exhibiting personal graphic,  photographic and artistic achievements, presenting the homeland and  other author's activities and interests.
Autor Danijel Pedi
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