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Drawing with a graphics tablet
I present to you a part of my graphic works.
The works were created using the Corel computer graphics package (CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT).
Through work and learning, I have progressed on my own in discovering the possibilities that this program provides.
In the creation of graphic works, I use drawing, photography and photo processing, illustration and painting with mouse strokes in the Corel PHOTO-PAINT graphic program.
Recently, I also have a graphics tablet, so I hope that this will make it easier for me to continue working and creating some new graphics.
Below I have exhibited some of my graphic works created in the last 20 years or so, which were created from my original ideas and using a combination of various creation techniques. Works

Drawing with pencil
I present to you a part of my works in pencil.
The works were created by drawing with a monochromatic technique, pencil on paper.
My most common motifs were portraits I drew for family members or my friends. I would usually draw by looking at a smaller photo of the person being portrayed. And some works are created from imagination.
Most of the works were donated, so some were not pre-scanned due to poor equipment many years ago.
The drawings were created from high school days until recently. Lately, I’ve mostly been drawing pencil sketches for graphic works that I’ve combined with other creation techniques.
I want to continue drawing because I believe in my talent for that kind of creativity. Radovi

Although I have been photographing for more than 15 years, I have photographed more for the purpose of creating my personal family album, capturing places visited, or with the goal of using photography for some design work.
I had until recently 2 Olympus compact digital cameras (Camedia C-220 Zoom and SP-820UZ).
In 2020, I am purchasing a Canon EOS 2000D DSLR with a basic lens (18-55 mm). I gradually add the appropriate equipment such as flash, telephoto lens (55-250 mm), tripod, and other necessary accessories for, for example, macro photography, maintenance equipment and the like.
This motivated me to start learning about the rules of photography and how to take advantage of the opportunities that slightly better cameras offer. For now, this entry-level model as well as the basic equipment is enough for my current photography career. But I don't mean to stop there.
I attend several video courses. Through theory, I apply this acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.
I don't lack will, so expect better quality projects and photographic works soon.

If you like the works and want to financially support my work, I ask you to pay the money to the Caritas accounts for the hungry in Africa instead of me.
I am happy with everything I have in life and I am thankful to God for that. Many people die of hunger and need every help.
About the site
The  site was created with the aim of exhibiting personal graphic,  photographic and artistic achievements, presenting the homeland and  other author's activities and interests.
Autor Danijel Pedi
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