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Autor Danijel Pedi
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Drawing with pencil
I present to you a part of my works in pencil.
The works were created by drawing with a monochromatic technique, pencil on paper.
My most common motifs were portraits I drew for family members or my friends. I would usually draw by looking at a smaller photo of the person being portrayed. And some works are created from imagination.
Most of the works were donated, so some were not pre-scanned due to poor equipment many years ago.
The drawings were created from high school days until recently. Lately, I’ve mostly been drawing pencil sketches for graphic works that I’ve combined with other creation techniques.
I want to continue drawing because I believe in my talent for that kind of creativity.

micgrafika.com Drawings

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The  site was created with the aim of exhibiting personal graphic,  photographic and artistic achievements, presenting the homeland and  other author's activities and interests.
Autor Danijel Pedi
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